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Spacing Out!


Why this website?

During this pandemic, space (specifically between people) is more important than ever! We wanted to combine our love for space with a concept that would help people socially distance during these uncertain times.

What is it?

The website tracks the user's location and displays it on a map as their character (an astronaut). The game itself is activated if they are inside of a store, which is displayed as a spaceship on the map. From there, they choose if they are on the red team (Mars) or the blue team (Neptune). They then can earn points through two different features. First, they can get "stardust", where the amount decreases as time goes on, by making their trip to the store short and sweet. Second, they can earn points by indicating that they are wearing a mask (their spacesuit) inside of the store. If they're at home, they're on "Earth", meaning that they can access the website and look at information, but can't play the game itself. We hope that this game is a fun way to encourage people to social distance and wear masks while grocery shopping and running essential errands!

About our Team

This game was created by Connor Erickson, Dhruv Sharma, Emily Amspoker, Jacob Fanale, and Lily Zook.